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Bird On A Wire

Bird On A Wire



Just a bird on a wire hanging on decision

Minding the sky no matter the condition

High above the distorted slums of fate

Somewhere between love and hate


From this perch clarity should prevail

A crewless ship minding the sails

Which way will the hidden tempest cry

Gusting upheaval from the sky


Very soon I must leave this temporary stage

Skirting along the propensity for age

For now I remain, divided among

Love still humming on a silenced tongue.


-Lavinia Busch 2019






I have no idea why I felt compelled to write a meditation today. The idea of swaying as a comfort is on my mind along with the use of breath to facilitate this comfort. As one that does not meditate routinely, I find reading these words deeply relaxing.

Intuitively, the tension of the holiday season is upon us and a palpable unease of obligation is in the air. Take just one short moment to center yourself each day and remember we are a part of something so much greater than we can comprehend. Let the small things go and know all will be well.


Sway, gently… back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Close your eyes and feel lightness

Let your chest expand and contract


Sway, gently…back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Notice your thoughts and set them free

Release all that binds your heart


Sway, gently…back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Settle into this space between

This warm and welcoming unknown


Sway, gently…back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Rest in this space for as long as you wish

Disregard obligations and pretense…just be


Sway, gently…back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Unfold and unwind, release all tension

Allow light to permeate every cell, every space


Sway, gently…back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Sense possibility, know it is for you

Embrace all of it, as if a loved one


Sway, gently…back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Fly now, do not look back,

Soar and gaze upon mountain peaks


Sway, gently…back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Let the wind lift you, higher and higher

Soak in the warmth of the universe


Sway, gently…back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Continue above the farthest spaces

Seek the nearest star and make it home


Sway, gently…back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Now slowly allow the spirit to return

Gently unwrap the layers of protective energy


Sway, gently…back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Gravity leads and your feet touch the earth

Ground yourself and feel the life in the soil


Sway, gently…back and forth

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Know the stardust and soil are one in the same

You are here, you are everywhere, all is well.


Passing Importance

Passing Importance


Art-Ines Honfi

One on the slow road, the other the fast,

Improbable two should every pass.

Yet within this complex and twisted world,

An intersection of light begins to whirl.


Life as we know it bends and breaks

Energy between vibrates and shakes.

Two hearts and minds influence the end

The passing importance must defend.


Everything is different, now as before,

Two walking by, one through the door.

Connectivity grinds, no matter the pace,

Ushering the new, face to face.

-Lavinia Busch, 2018


If These Hills Could Speak

If These Hills Could Speak



Last night above the hills you crept

Rain caressing the mesa as you wept

Tears of all who walked this way

Shadows of souls still wandering today


Listen, If only these hills could speak

Wind boisterous and bold but never meek

Land with voice, stripped raw and naked

Holding bones of the many sacred


Tell me who you were, what happened here

I feel your presence, strong and clear

In the still of night you visited my room

Memories of your life weaving a mystical loom


Speak soft and quietly if you must

I hear your whisper between grains of dust

Heat of daylight silencing the bustling squalls

As the final moment encroaches, inscribing the wall.

-Lavinia Busch, 2018


Depth Of New

Depth Of New


It is quiet now, a womb of new, washing

away all that came before. The trail,

is empty, blank slate to pen.

No footsteps, only water against sand.

Flow in the way you are meant to be.

Show me the invisible path,

or let me be.


Empty as it was before,

A desert flower in forever darkness,

blooms while quietly painting

the vibrant oneness.

Together grains of sand persist, each drop

etching away the old, gently soaking

into the depth of new.


Deeper runs this vein of new, crushing

the oldest pictures of,

an ancient sea- browns, reds and blue,

hovering above, awaiting the forever sky.

Liquid labors, birthing the next

breath of quiet reveals a pathless view.

-Lavinia Busch, 2018

Broken Glass

Broken Glass

Art-Dhira Lawrence


Shards and pieces fill the floor,

Emotions trampled as before.

Watch your step, this glass cuts

Its best to keep things tightly shut.


Tempers flare and shouts persist

The allure of anger hard to resist

Careful now, handle with care

Sharp as a knife, better beware


Be gentle now, glass does break

All it takes is one strong shake

Softer words and kinder touch

Broken glass hurts far too much

-Lavinia Busch, 2018


Broken glass is an eclectic collection of what was once a whole, yet each piece is still able to shine separate from this whole. Think of a stained-glass window. These inspiring works of art are comprised of broken pieces of glass, each able to stand alone in specific brilliance. In totality, the stained-glass window shines like a sunbeam, sending colorful light in all directions. The beauty of this whole does not negate how special each individual piece of glass is. Removing even one piece would change the stained-glass window completely.


How easy it is to forget what makes each of us as individuals shine. We define ourselves by family, friends, job and relationships. It is so easy to forget who we are and what we contribute to the whole. Losing self in another is a slippery slope and the treacherous fall that may occur is not one to be taken lightly.


For empathetic people, this is especially difficult to navigate. We pride ourselves in being helpful, selfless and putting the needs of all others before our own. While this may seem to be a service-oriented way to move about the world, the exclusion of self in all matters is neither healthy are wise. Without goals, creative energy and spirit it becomes impossible to have a voice in any partnership. Each person should intend to uplift the other while gently encouraging their partner to stretch and grow. Without this space one will inevitably become stagnant, a shard of glass crushed by the weight of insecurity.



“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

― Anton Chekhov


No one should dim their light for the benefit of another. Each one of us has the opportunity to shine in our own way. The color of the glass we use is up to us as is the manner in which we create our window. As the artist, we have a choice and a voice. It is incumbent on us to not lose sight of our precious light.


Continue to love those in your life. Lend an ear when necessary. Offer a helping hand and gentle encouragement but never compromise who you are and what is important. Shine as brightly as you are meant, dimming no amount of self for the benefit of others discomfort. You will find as you gain confidence, that your stained-glass window is more representative of your shining spirit and gentle heart.




Dream Walker

Dream Walker


Dream walker, conscience talker

Wading in, endless places to begin

Darkness provides, what is hidden inside

Images of disguise, hidden behind tired eyes


Memories prevail, lifting the veil

Stories engorge as characters forge

A path to the end, forever looking to mend

All the pieces together, yet lacking a tether


Dream walker, lifetime stalker

Disoriented mind, lest you remind

All is not as it seems, you know what it means

Read between the dye, wet ink never lies.


-Lavinia Busch, 2018

The Lonely Road

The Lonely Road


This lonely road begins with me

Wading into a roughly paved sea

No one else in sight or sound

Anxiously, frightfully I look around


Hark! Anyone walking this way?

Never a voice came to play

Only the quiet breathe of a gentle breeze

Settling in a sense of unease


Alone, afraid with no one nearby

Peaking out of my half closed eye

I see a dark form off in the distance

All I need now is some strong persistence


Willing my feet to move one by one

This road stretches beyond the rays of the sun

Never ending, yet traversed by lonesome souls

The road to nowhere beckons as it goes


As I approach the form becomes clear

It is only a reflection of the almighty mirror

Hence my walk continues, no answers abound

Loneliness my companion as I circle around.


-Lavinia Busch, 2018


Let The Trees Speak

Let The Trees Speak


Quiet a voice and silence a mind

Listen for what those know, remind

Ancient, regal, centurion and true

Reaching, never quite touching blue


Long knowing what is hidden below

Secrets, stories buried deep in the snow

Mystical, magical, wondrous and true

Let the trees speak as if hearing you


Listen for words etched with the pen of time

Just with caressed skin, releasing what binds

Wells of energy deep within all that begins

Streams of light shimmer, radiating from within

-Lavinia Busch, 2018



Trail of 100 Giants, Sequoia National Forest ©Dylan Mattina, 2018



Every second, minute, hour and day

Stretching of skin, silent and frayed

Lightness reflects, unfolding of limbs

Becoming undone, staring over a rim


Overwhelming confusion but craving more

Fear as companion, leaning into the shore

Sprays of water quenching the greatest of thirsts

A soul in need of water most certainly bursts


Water as salvation, washing away

Fear, frustration, apathy and malaise

Resistance is futile, this much is true

Disruptive discovery, wading deeper in blue


A blossom becoming, a flower is born

One petal at a time as if adorned

Beauty is never the goal in the end

Purity, kindness and grace will mend


Slowly, effortlessly, light becomes free

Unlocking the door, holding the key

Deeper and deeper reaching far and between

Sewing together, becoming the seam

-Lavinia Busch