The light is blinding, with foreign sounds, loud harassments

Coldness attacks and a feeling of isolation lingers in the dark corners of this space

Just as I hesitate to breathe in life, warmth encircles seeding my fire.


Shivers run across my scalp, as the body shudders in agreement

How small and unseen I feel, a ghost among those walking but no longer alive

Looking towards the clouds I am sure the lion flies above

I wonder if I am the lamb on this hard and rugged plain


The spirit objects wishing for acknowledgement among giants

Everything fades, even stardust as I crave forgotten shadows roaming the universe

Fingers seared by tenderness explore this atmosphere, foreign elements assault and permeate the skin

Downcast orbs conceal confusion behind lashed shields, guarding against the rain


Finally, I welcome disbelief and disorientation as lifelong friends

Shedding all that weighed heavily I become soft, light as a wandering feather

Warmth returns in a fury of homecoming as legs stretch from sand to forever

Flirting with the sky, I see the trail of stardust in my wake and willingly become the mystery.



-Lavinia Busch 2018



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