Field by the Trail of 100 Giants ©Dylan Mattina, 2018


Full moons can be intense experiences for me. I feel everything ten fold and usually end up diving deep for a few days. Afterwards, I am often surprised by what I have written.

This poem reflects back on some challenging times when disappointment was a constant companion. Bringing people close calls for vulnerability. It is sometimes easier to stay somewhat isolated even though this leads to an unwelcome loneliness. My proclivity is to go to a place of solitude when in need. It was and is my sanctuary. A space in which I can process all the emotion and information being receiving, then let it go.



Here I go, watch me say goodbye

Too a place of quiet behind my third eye

Try to catch me, don’t even blink

The tide has turned and in the depths I sink


You wouldn’t find me here, I choose to be alone

No friends, no interruptions, no telephone

Only with stillness will I be

Swimming in the darkness of a tumultuous sea


Whisper in my ear if you need to say

All that was misunderstood and thought okay

Words left unsaid cut like a knife

The blade is dull but heavy with strife


Never one to linger when falseness abounds

Uncovering truths as a gasp resounds

Seeing all written in the ink of prelude

I choose instead, solitude

– Lavinia Busch

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