Order “Mystic Cookie” the book here

Order “Mystic Cookie” the book here

My first publishing endeavor is now available here for a direct purchase discount of 50% off retail price. This book represents the culmination of many years of questioning and self discovery reflected upon during a recent six month creative leave from CalArts. It is a compilation of poetry and photographs delving into the deeper and often neglected emotions of our psyche. Below is an excerpt of the introduction.

“A lifelong lover of the written word, poetry has given voice to my rather introspective inner world. Written exploration of this inner world has allowed for a freedom of ideas not possible when in conversation. It is my hope that by putting pen to paper, someone flirting with their shadow will embrace this journey with a knowing that all will be well. It is only by embracing the darkest corners of self that one fully blooms…


The discount purchase price is reflected below. Normal retail on Amazon and Barnes and Noble is estimated to be $29.99 and $35.00 respectively. Enjoy this discounted only here!

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