Lost in the Middle of Everything

Lost in the Middle of Everything


I stand in the fray, noticing the dancing light on the coming horizon.

Alone in this abyss, I gently sway to the vibrations of others as they pass.

My feet are firm with restlessness, my heart is resolute with hesitation.

Everything moves at breakneck speed as the flickering light teases my senses.

Confusion is the emotion of the day, lost in the middle of everything.


Air tightens its grip, as if a noose of suggestion.

Moving nothing, the light playfully dances on my skin.

This echo chamber is deafening, my silence, the others noise.

The traffic is unbearable. It is oppressive. Hiding the why, the how – everything.

Peering into the cosmos of questions, lost in the middle of everything.


People move with such speed, blurring the lines of truth.

Everyone in a hurry to get nowhere, stalled in the rush to nothing.

Refusing to be stuck in reverse, I lean into the dancing light.

From my vantage point I see everything that was and every possibility.

Yet still here remains, a soul lost in the middle of everything.

-Lavinia Busch

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