Easy Lemon Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Easy Lemon Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is dancing, singing and cooking in my kitchen. After a long week at work it is a reclaiming of space, a sort of nesting.   I just love being home.  I am not one to get excited about traveling far or going out at night. My idea of a good time is to go on a hike, run a few errands and than settle down in my home. I enjoy watching good movies, baking, or just being. It is a comfort to me to feel the energy of my space and have it be peaceful.  I have moments at work in which I will think of my home and miss it.  I guess I really am a homebody. I make the most of my time on the weekends by doing a lot of batch cooking.  I am usually pretty tired when I get home from work and do not have much energy for extra chores. The batch cooking has saved me more often than not. 

My go to is some combination of roasted vegetables and meat or fish.  I put together small meals and freeze them for later in the week. I like to mix up my vegetables in an attempt to get a better variety.  The Wahls Protocol, which I follow, recommends nine cups of vegetables and fruit per day to support the mitochondria and brain health. This can be difficult without some thought and preparation. If I am really on top of it, I have a green smoothie in the morning to get a jump on my daily nine cups and then have a healthy lunch and dinner.  I tend to eat more at lunch than dinner so that I am not full going to bed.

All of this batch cooking requires motivation. That is where the music and dancing comes in. I love to dance in my kitchen while cooking, it is so much fun. Who doesn’t like to just let loose and feel free. Once a dancer, always a dancer!

Lemon Chicken

Easy Lemon Roasted Chicken with Vegetables
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  1. 1 Organic free-range whole chicken
  2. 3 lemons
  3. Parsley
  4. Sea Salt
  5. Various vegetables (sweet potato, zucchini, brussels sprouts, bok-choy, mushrooms, parsley)
  6. Olive oil
  1. Rinse the chicken and place in baking dish.
  2. Stuff the chicken with lemon slices and parsley. Use extra parsley on top along with a scant amount of salt
  3. Place cut up vegetables around chicken with a small amount of olive oil, turmeric and oregano if you wish
  4. Place remaining vegetables on a separate sheet to bake as well.
  5. Bake uncovered at 400 degrees until the chicken reaches 170 degrees, about 1 1/2 hours. You will have to take the extra pan of vegetables out before that.
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