A Sugar Manifesto

A Sugar Manifesto

When did I become the exception in regards to diet? Why is it so strange to eat only when hungry? Why is it so difficult for others to accept good habits? I wish I knew the answers.  Today being a holiday, I always find it especially challenging to dodge all of these questions. A family picnic, parades, dinner parties, weddings, this time of year is rife with situational landmines for people such as myself.


Morning smoothie packets to put in the freezer. This way I rotate greens and always have one ready no matter how busy I get.


I am baffled as to why eating healthfully has become such a point of discussion. I walk into a grocery store and see people buying things that do not even classify as food in my book, chock full of chemicals and fake ingredients. They look at me as if I am the one with the sickness because I continue feeding my body healthfully no matter what day it is. I never “cheat”. There is no such thing as cheating if I want to keep on walking, hiking and dancing. I chose living a full life over a store bought cheesecake…hands down.


My idea of a “treat” is a grain free, dairy free, nut free and refined sugar free cookie. They are incredibly sweet to me and I never feel deprived. Some in my family still raise an eyebrow or two when they learn what I exclude from my diet. My father is convinced that if I remove grains from my diet, I have nowhere else to get carbohydrates and therefore must be deficient. I simply don’t have time to argue the merits of my diet any longer. I also can’t spend another minute of my life energy explaining why I only eat when I am hungry, which is usually twice a day. Why do I care if society has completely bought into the made up structure of three meals a day? People shovel food into their mouths simply because a clock tells them too. That is madness to me. We eat to live, not live to eat.




My July 4th mid day feed. Pesto Chicken Pizza from the Healing Kitchen. (AIP and Paleo). http://grazedandenthused.com/pesto-chicken-pizza-from-the-healing-kitchen-paleoaip/


I know this way of life works and my doctors see that I am stable. Most importantly, I feel better when I eat this way. So the next time you attend a family function, or a holiday party, be careful what you say and how you judge others. Do not force ice cream on someone and give him or her a verbal lashing for not participating in your sugar fest and do not become the sugar dealer of your family. It is a drug and you would probably not force it upon a diabetic. Realize that I, like others, have made a very deliberate and conscious decision to do what is best for my health.


One of the many variations of my “treat” cookies. (Paleo, Grain free, Refined Sugar Free) http://mysticcookie.com/lighter-chocolate-chip-cookies/


After much self-work, I never crave “fake” food, I am never without and I feel satiated. Please do not pass along your misgivings about how you eat to me; I categorically refuse to take on that burden. Cho0se to hold your tongue instead of offering a litany of misguided nutritional information. It may make you feel better for your choices, but it does nothing to me beyond making me once again aware of the level of ignorance in regards to nutrition. It also makes me sad that people do not exercise enough self-love to eat well. It is a gift that you give yourself and well worth the effort.



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